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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Osun bans smoking in public places

Wale Folarin

Henceforth smoking in public places in Osun State has become illegal. The government said yesterday that anybody who smokes in public places throughout the state risks being jailed for three to six months and or a fine of between N10,000 to N250,000.

This move got a legal teeth following the Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Bill 2009, passed into law yesterday by the state House of Assembly, which was meant to protect non-smokers from dangers attached to smoking.

According to the bill, there shall be no access to tobacco within 500 metre radius of public places like schools, health centers, sporting areas and any other place described by government for public use.

Addressing the parliament, the Speaker, Adejare Bello, who restated the resolve of the state government to give adequate protection to non-smokers in the state, also said that the bill prohibits smoking in any part of an enclosed or partially enclosed public place or workplace.

He said that the bill also prohibits smoking in court buildings, factories, cinema halls, theatres, video houses, disco halls and any other entertainment facilities at any time during which it is open to the public.